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How To Set Up A Woodwork Shop for Under $1000 At UltimateSmallShop.com

Are you a woodworker looking to set up your workshop, but your small space and limited funds are getting in the way?

How Much Money Do I Really Need?

How much will it cost to setup a woodworking workshop?

Is My Space Too Small?

Can I really fit a functioning woodworking workshop into my existing space?

What Are The Critical Factors To Consider?

What to keep in mind when setting up your own woodworking shop.

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I purchsed this book kbecause I'm newly retired and attempting to set up my shop in a home we recently moved to.  I'm new to setting up shop and can use some professional advice. Money is always an issue, but more important to me is the subjectof time. This book solves both aspects for me.  It contains sound advice if you do not wish to overspend on your shop.

I set up my first shop in a spare corner last week with the help of this book and I must say it has helped me considerably. Many of the tools I've bought with the list provided has really saved me quite a small fortune!

This is a very good book for ideas.  I bought it because I will have an opportunity to build a new workshop after a move next year.  The book is very well organized and written, with very good discussions of things like building style & construction, heating & cooling, nautural and artificial lighting, electrical, storage, workflow, safety, and more much more.