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Find tons of arts and crafts videos.  Find hundreds of crafts to do from home.  We connect you with artisans that teach you new art techniques using crafts videos.  Learn about crafts to do when bored.

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Arts and crafts are more popular than ever.  That's why we created this online craft and art shop; to support artists and craftspersons like you and me.  But we are more than an online arts and crafts store.  We help you find interesting arts and crafts that can not only provide crafts to do when bored but help you earn money as well.

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You might be wondering, "where are the crafts shows near me?"  We help you find local crafts shows in your area.  See what other artists are creating.

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We help you find crafts classes in your area.  You can learn a craft as a hobby, crafts that make money, or just learn crafts to do when you are bored.

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We help you find the nearest Micheal's Arts and Craft store, the nearest Ben Franklin Craft store, the nearest Joann, and the nearest Hooby Lobby store.

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Arts and crafts hobbies are a great way to relax, pass the time, increase your dexterity, creativity, learn new skills, increase focus, and make friends.

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Based in the USA, we strive to supply craft supplies USA customers can rely on.  We try to provide quality crafts vendors in our USA craft supply chain.

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We share funny crafts quotes, teach you about craft and lore, crafts to do with kids, crafts for holidays, even crafts to do with toddlers.

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We strive to connect artists and craftspeople with high-quality vendors and crafts products for professionals and beginners alike.  We help you find the best deals on crayons, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylic paint, yarn, craft felt, modeling clay and air dry clay, polymer clay, wood beads, glass beads, ink, stamps, glitter, googly eyes, glue, scissors,construction paper, and more unique art supplies!
I was recently attending a craft fair near me.  I saw a lot of beautiful items and the pride the artisans showed in their work.  These wonderful works of art inspired me to learn some new arts and crafts myself. I found your website while searching the internet for more information about crafts shows and crafts classes near me.  I'm so glad I found your website!  By watching your library of arts and crafts videos, I have learned DIY crafts that I can share with my family.  My daughter learned to make friendship bracelets and my son made me a braided leather fob for my keys!  LOL.  I had no idea arts and crafts could be so much fun and bring me closer to my kids.  Thank you,!
I'm a retired school teacher with a lot of time on my hands.  I needed to find a craft hobby to help keep my mind sharp in my golden years.  I went to my nearest Michael's crafts store and just felt overwhelmed.  How does one even learn all those crafts?  My son suggested I search Google for craft video lessons and pick out something appealing.  After searching a few sites, I found MyCraftSales and boy, I'm glad I did!  After browsing your site, I found some crafts that were interesting and not only that, but you provided links to all the materials I needed for a great price. Now I'm doing all kinds of arts and crafts and even thinking of teaching a few crafts classes at the local senior center.  Thank you so much, MyCraftSlaes!  I'll tell all my friends!
I live in a rural area and the economy here isn't that great.  The local craft and art shop shut down and I lost my access to art supplies.  I turned to the internet for help, but I don't want to do business with Amazon.  Thankfully I found your site full of smaller vendors and I like that.  You even have great articles on art techniques and videos on doing crafts.  I use my crafts to make spare money- it's my side gig while I'm in school.  I just ordered some new paintbrushes and I can hardly wait to get them.  Thanks again MyCraftSales, I love your craft site.  Keep up the good work!