Easy Zen Tangle Techniques For Beginners

Ever wanted to learn zen tangle?  This calming drawing method helps develop focus and calms nerves while creating beautiful patterns.

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What Is Zentangle?

The zentangle (or zen tangle) drawing method is a fun, relaxing, easy-to-learn way to create beautiful designs by drawing structured patterns called zentangles.

Zentangles are created using combinations of lines, dots, simple curves, orbs, and s-curves.

Zentangle designs can be combined to create incredibly complex designs such as zentangle animals.

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Learn Zentangle Patterns

This video will teach you a variety of beginner zentangle patterns that will make zentangle easy to pick up.

Easy Zentangle Designs

This video lesson teaches you 20 different easy zentangle patterns and takes you through them step by step.  Practice will make zentangle patterns easy to draw over time.

We Make Zentangle Easy To Learn

You'll get tons of zentangle ideas from this helpful video. 

You'll be learning zengtangle step by step as you recreate these 20 beginner zentangle patterns.

Many Easy Zentangle Patterns

Zentangle is easy to learn, especially if you start with easy zentangle patterns. 

Begin with easy zentangle designs, such as parallel lines, herringbone or crosshatch and then build from there.

Learn Zentangle Patterns Step By Step

 Follow along with the video, pause it if you need to.  Take your time, try to be as accurate as you can, but don't be too hard on yourself. 

Give yourself permission to experiment.  Use zentangle as a way to doodle.  The more you practice, the faster and more accurate you will become.

By following these zentangle step by step patterns, you will create original works of art that are pleasing to the eye.  Start simple then get more complex as you go.

Make Zentangle Patterns Easy

Use a quality pen and good quality paper.  It's easier if you use a medium point pen or even smaller for a fine line and more control.

Follow the instructions contained in the zentagnle patterns how to video.

Make a grid of boxes and practice the same easy zentangle pattern over and over.  Then take a break by drawing a different kind of zentangle for a while. 

When you are done practicing zentangle patterns step by step, take a rest.  Your brain and body need time to integrate what you've just done into memory and reflex patterns.

Before you know it, you will be drawing zentangle designs quickly and easily. 

Try Zentangle Coloring Pages

Try some free zentangle coloring pages. 

>> Click here for My Modern Met Zentangle Coloring Pages <<

Enjoy a relaxing coloring experience with these grown-up coloring books.

yoga for your brain
>> Click here for Yoga For Your Brain <<

Zentangle coloring pages will give you hours of creative and relaxing enjoyment with beautiful results you can share.

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